Fat Dumpling

Here at Fat Dumpling, we like our food fresh, mouth watering and healthy for us. This is what we’d like you to have too!

Our northern Chinese homestyle dumplings are all authentic and handmade daily – each one puffy, juicy and packed with rich flavour, just like how mum makes at home.

As our restaurant name implies, we are specialised in making dumpling and also a bit of dim sum products such as prawn hargow, xiao long bao and BBQ pork buns. Our dumplings come with a variety of filling options like pork, beef, chicken, fish, prawn, and even vegetable mixture to satisfy our vegetarian customers.

As exciting as it is, we also offer noodle soup, deep fry, pan fry and stir fry varieties including fry rice, spring rolls, lamb skewers and green beans. It is worth mentioning our must-try signature dishes are salt pepper prawn, braised pork belly and beef noodle soup.

We bet you can’t wait to come and try!

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