After a 3 year absence from hairdressing, Evie York has decided that he Valley is home for her creative expression through hair. She knows that she was born to be a hairdresser. She has worked as a hairdresser for 22 years and admits that she is a perfectionist in her work. ‘I was born to make hair decisions for you, guide you into who you are. To get your hair out of a ponytail is to make me smile. I love to see people walk out my door standing a little taller, checking out their reflection in my front window. ’Evie is always looking out for the latest trend in hairdressing and always uses the best standout, best performing brands in the business just for her clients. She prefers to use Ammonia Free but has also Ammonia products for those that ask for it. She works to give her clients just the hairstyle they want. She’s ‘Not Just AnotherSalon.’

Strictly by appointment only

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am ‘til late. Friday 10am -6pm

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