Kiki Hair

We, at Kiki Hair, are a dedicated team of trained professionals who specialise in hair extensions, each of whom is individually well-equipped with the expertise on applying all forms of hair extension methods and a passion for colouring techniques such as balayage, blondes, or fashion colours

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen and on our nurturing nature, constantly seeking out innovative ways to guide our clients towards their dream — achieving beautiful, voluminous hair. We are continually updating our staff on the latest hair extension trends and styles, delivering only the finest workmanship possible.

One of our leading core values is teamwork, which means you won’t be confined to the assistance of one particular stylist. We believe in nurturing individual strengths among our team members, as we work towards reaching our combined goals. The moment you step into our salon, you will instantly feel the reassurance that everyone’s got your back. While we understand that our clients have their own favourite stylists, we encourage them to try the others on our team as well. If celebrities have their teams of people to take care of them and how they look, why can’t you?

We see how transparency is essential in gaining the trust of our clients and building long-term relationships with them. We also aim to foster a healthy company culture, where communication is encouraged in order to increase our productivity and allow our operations to run smoothly.

We, at Kiki Hair, continually strive to instil in our clients the confidence that beautiful hair is greatly achievable. We seek to not only become the prime source of superb-quality hair extensions but also to offer the best in-salon experience possible. We have found this an integral part to our phenomenal growth over the past few years.

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